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The 2021 Menpora Cup is a pre-season tournament held by the Indonesian football association PSSI ahead of the 2021 Liga 1. The tournament started on 21 March and is scheduled to finish with a two-legged final on 22 and 25 April 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all matches are played behind closed doors.
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Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) decided that only 18 teams that participated in the 2020 Liga 1 could join this tournament. Previously, two Liga 2 teams, PSMS and Sriwijaya, were invited. However, their participation was canceled after PT LIB held a virtual meeting. Persipura decided not to take part in the tournament which led to only 17 teams participating.
The draw of the tournament was held on 8 March 2021. Eighteen teams were divided into four groups, the first two groups contain five teams, while the rest contain only four teams. Four teams, Persija, Persib, Arema, and Persebaya, were distributed to separate groups to ensure they do not meet each other in order to mitigate security risks from travelling fans of these rivalling teams. 

The draw resulted in the following groups:

Grup A: Arema FC, PSIS Semarang, Barito Putera, Tira Persikabo
Grup B: Persija Jakarta, Bhayangkara FC, Borneo FC, PSM Makassar
Grup C: Persebaya, Persik Kediri, Persela Lamongan, PSS Sleman, Madura United
Grup D: Persib, Persiraja, Persita, Bali United

The following are the rules set by the organizers during this tournament.

  • Each team may register 30 players and does not require bringing all players to the stadium.
  • Teams must register three goalkeepers.
  • Player registration starts on 9 March 2021 until one day before of each group's first match.
  • Each team is allowed to register four foreign players, including one slot for a player from AFC countries.
  • Teams can only register a maximum of 10 officials with eight people allowed to sit on the bench.
  • Each match is held for 90 minutes by adding a cooling break in the 30th and 75th minutes. The duration of the cooling break is 3 minutes and will be added to the extra time at the end of each round.
  • Each team is allowed to substitute a maximum of six players on three occasions.
  • There are additional substitutions when entering the knock-out stage. When the match is drawn for up to 90 minutes, then in the extra round, each team is allowed to add one substitution.

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